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Supporting the protection of Africa’s natural heritage

What we do


What we do

The Wild Africa employs mass communications – such as the Music for Wildlife Concerts and Poaching Steals From Us All campaigns – to raise awareness of poaching, habitat loss and human wildlife conflict. It promotes wildlife tourism and carbon offset as sources of conservation and sustainable development funding. It promotes and directly supports local wildlife programs from offices in Cape Town, Lagos, Harare and Kigali and is running the programs previously under WildAid in South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

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Latest Campaign

Dr. Mark’s Animal Show, a new wildlife TV series designed for children, is launching in 5 African countries! Inspiring the next generation to protect their natural heritage, kids can learn about iconic wild animals, their habitats, and the important roles they play in ecosystems.

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Our Hubs

South Africa

Leading the world in rhino protection, South Africa faces challenges from poaching.


Famous for it’s mountain gorillas, Rwanda is expanding it’s protected areas and wildlife tourism.


Epicenter of ivory and pangolin scale trades, Nigeria’s wildlife is under severe pressure.


With the second largest elephant population, Zimbabwe faces human/wildlife conflict challenges.

Promoting humans and wildlife thriving together

The Wild Africa is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting efforts that preserve Africa’s natural beauty and wildlife, as well as the communities that rely on it.

Preventing poaching, wildlife trafficking.

Reducing the demand for illegal bushmeat.

Raising awareness about habitat loss and climate change.

Peaceful co-existence between humans & wildlife.

Promoting African tourism and carbon offsets.

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A global movement to celebrate and protect African wildlife. We are committed to ending the illegal wildlife trade.

More about #jointheherd, here.