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Billboard campaign for wildlife reaches 50M+

Wild Africa has partnered with Alliance Media, Africa’s leader in billboard and airport advertising, to reach 12 countries across Africa – and counting – with critical conservation messages. 

Africa holds a quarter of the world’s biodiversity – and some of the last big mammal populations. The continent’s forests, savannas and wetlands are critical carbon sinks in the global fight against climate change and its wildlife is the single biggest driver for Africa’s tourism growth. In fact, 80% of tourists come to Africa to see wildlife according to the United Nations Tourism Organisation. Yet this iconic and abundant natural heritage is under threat. Africa is losing forests at twice the global rate – around 4 million hectares a year, compromising both ecosystems and livelihoods. Since 1970, Africa has lost two thirds of its wildlife according to the Living Planet Index.

Now is our chance to act: to take a stand against the threats of poaching, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and the illegal wildlife trade. To rapidly spread awareness of these challenges, and inspire action for wildlife conservation, Wild Africa has partnered with Alliance Media to launch a groundbreaking billboard campaign. Spanning 12 counties (Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) and reaching an estimated 54 million people so far through 75 screens, we believe this campaign is the largest of its kind. Its impact goes beyond numbers – it is about igniting a movement for conservation that transcends borders and cultures.

Danielle Bakker, Marketing Manager at Alliance Media explained further, “Our collaboration with Wild Africa underscores our commitment to using our platform for positive change.  We are confident that this partnership will do its part in instilling a sense of urgency in safeguarding Africa’s magnificent wildlife and their habitats.”

Greg Benatar, Managing Director at Alliance Media echoed the same sentiment: “As leaders in outdoor advertising across Africa, we recognise the power of our medium to spark conversations and drive change. We’re excited to see the impact of this campaign in protecting our planet’s precious wildlife.”

By raising awareness and cultivating empathy, we aim to mobilise individuals and communities to take meaningful steps towards wildlife conservation. Our hope is that by inspiring action for key species and habitats, wider support for a variety of wildlife and ecosystems will follow. From pollination to soil fertility, climate regulation to water purification, healthy ecosystems are essential for human well-being and survival. 

Peter Knights, CEO and Co-founder of Wild Africa makes the connection clear, “We’re thankful to Alliance Media for this high profile out-of-home media campaign to communicate the urgent threats natural systems are facing. We need wildlife and wild spaces for a livable future. Without them, there is no us.”

Wondering how you can support the campaign? Join the conversation by: 

  • Following @wildafricafund on social media and sharing these critical posts with your network. 
  • If you see one of our billboards, posting a photo to your social channels and tagging @wildafricafund or @alliancemediaafrica.
  • Having conversations with your friends and family about the facts carried through the campaign.
  • Taking action in your context to report wildlife crime and say no to illegal bushmeat.

Thank you to our partners at Alliance Media for making this all possible.