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Dr Mark’s Animal Show Launches on Showmax

Dr Mark’s Animal Show takes a unique approach to teaching Generation Alpha about the importance of wildlife conservation.

 “Dr. Mark’s Animal Show”, will be available to stream on Showmax from Friday 15 March 2024. The unique, 11-part series showcases African wildlife like never before. Each episode takes a deep dive into a different animal species from turtles to pangolins, unpacking their remarkable features, the roles they play in ecosystems and the challenges they face in the wild. 

Produced by Wild Africa, the show’s arrival on Showmax could not be more timely. 66% of Africa’s wildlife has disappeared in the last 50 years, highlighting the need to educate our children on the reality of African wildlife and the urgent system changes required – all in a way that engages and inspires hope for a different – and better – future. Dr Mark introduces his audience to some of the animals he has rescued from the illegal bushmeat trade for eventual reintroduction to the wild.

The show also features exclusive short messages from pop culture legends, such as Davido, Laycon, Focalistic, Nviiri The Storyteller, and Shekhinah. Coupled with the interactive quizzes embedded in each episode, and the real-time questions from the live audience, this new show is sure to spark the minds of little ones across the continent and engage them with the realities of the world and wildlife around them. 

Across several African countries, iconic wildlife species (including lions, gorillas, pangolins, leopards, chimpanzees, sea turtles, vultures, and numerous monkey species) are disappearing. This decline highlights the urgent need to raise awareness about these challenges and inspire action to address them, particularly with the younger generation. After all, they are set to be the future protectors of our wildlife.

Dr. Mark urges parents and guardians to watch alongside their children, facilitating discussions on the issues raised and learning about Africa’s biodiversity themselves.

“The arrival of Dr. Mark’s show onto Showmax ensures that more kids, regardless of where they live, will experience this exciting and educational series. This is taking the conservation conversation to new heights. These children will learn the importance of protecting wildlife, understand why we need animals to thrive in the wild and can share important conservation messages with their parents and society,” says Dr. Mark.