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Wild Africa and OneAfrica partner to promote wildlife conservation in Namibia

Wild Africa is excited to announce its strategic partnership with OneAfrica in Namibia. This collaboration, officially launching on May 30th 2024, has already commenced with the broadcast of ‘Music for Wildlife’ concerts from Saturday 25 May 2024.

This multifaceted partnership spans both television and radio, leveraging the extensive reach and influence of OneAfrica to amplify Wild Africa’s conservation efforts.

Namibia has iconic landscapes that need protecting - a key message that this partnership will promote

“As a community TV channel, OneAfrica is dedicated to supporting content creators who strive to make a difference and is proud to support Wild Africa’s vital work. By broadcasting the Music for Wildlife shows and other impactful campaigns, we aim to raise awareness and drive action towards wildlife conservation and sustainable development,” stated Zellmari Brandt GM, Marketing of Future Media Namibia.

Since 1970, Africa has lost two-thirds of its wildlife according to the Living Planet Index. This alarming reduction is driven by poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict. The rapid growth of human populations and expansion of agricultural activities have significantly encroached on natural habitats, increasing the pressure on wildlife.

Africa has lost 66% of its wildlife since 1970, highlighting an alarming shift in wildlife numbers

Namibia, known for its rich biodiversity and expansive landscapes, faces its own set of conservation challenges. Despite being a leader in community-based conservation efforts, the country continues to battle poaching, particularly of rhinos and elephants. In recent years, poaching has surged, driven by the illegal trade in rhino horn and elephant ivory.

Additionally, habitat fragmentation due to infrastructure development and agricultural expansion poses a significant threat to Namibia’s wildlife. Species such as cheetahs, leopards, and lions are increasingly coming into conflict with human populations as their natural habitats shrink. This not only endangers the animals but also impacts the livelihoods of local communities.

Water scarcity is another critical issue, with prolonged droughts affecting both wildlife and human settlements. As water sources dwindle, competition intensifies, leading to further strain on Namibia’s ecosystems.

Climate change, resulting in prolonged periods of drought, has a negative impact on both people and wildlife

Efforts to combat these challenges include strengthening anti-poaching measures, promoting sustainable land use practices, and enhancing community involvement in conservation initiatives. Namibia’s commitment to wildlife protection is evident in its numerous national parks and conservancies, which cover nearly 42% of the country’s land area. However, continued support and innovative solutions are essential to ensure the survival of its unique wildlife heritage for future generations. The partnership between Wild Africa and OneAfrica is designed to create this required widespread support and inspire the kind of innovative thinking we need to move the needle in Namibia.

This partnership includes several exciting programs aimed at raising awareness and engaging the public in wildlife conservation. The Music for Wildlife Concerts, broadcast every Thursday at 20h30, aim to inspire collective action and support for wildlife protection. These concerts feature renowned Namibian artists such as Chikune, Lioness, Jericho, Banger Drums, DJ Alba, and KP Illest. Another significant component is Dr Mark’s Animal Show, a new wildlife TV series designed for children to inspire the next generation to protect their natural heritage. Each 24-minute episode delves into the characteristics, conservation status, and threats faced by various species, including pangolins, parrots, lions, turtles, and more. The show also includes quizzes and opportunities for children to ask Dr. Mark questions. Additionally, Public Service Announcements from local celebrities call on Namibians to protect their natural heritage and visit their national parks, while the Unsung Heroes series celebrates local conservation leaders across Africa, highlighting their important work.

Ongoing support and innovative solutions are crucial to preserving Namibia's natural heritage

“We are honoured to partner with OneAfrica in our mission to protect Africa’s wildlife and
promote conservation. This collaboration allows us to reach hundreds of thousands with our message and engage communities in meaningful conservation efforts,” said Peter Knights, CEO of Wild Africa.