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Our Focus Areas

By amplifying the voices of African opinion leaders from every field through a powerful network of media partners and diverse programming, we seek to promote

Domestic Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife tourism for international guests is a vital economic driver and job creator, generating income for conserving wildlife. We believe it has not, however, been marketed sufficiently to local populations. A domestic tourism industry is more resilient to global shocks, is lighter on the impacts of travel, and can create an understanding of nature that inspires strong conservation concerns and values. 

Local Conservation Projects

We promote local conservation projects and local conservationists to a domestic and international audience to boost their prestige, profile and hopefully their support. From creating high quality content that the organsations can use, to boosting posts that feature them on social media, the ways we work with local conservation projects can vary.

Conservation Laws & their Enforcement

We work closely with governments to offer our global expertise in the drafting of modern, effective and practical conservation laws. We also work with them to educate lawmakers on why passing such laws is important, and to publicise awareness of the laws and of law enforcement efforts, such as seizures and prosecutions.

Through our communications and direct support, we also aim to reduce

Wildlife Crime

From the poaching and the illegal capture of wildlife to the transport and trade in protected species and their body parts, wildlife crime has many facets. Our ‘Poaching steals from us all’ campaigns highlight the seriousness of the threats facing many endangered species, and call upon the public to report wildlife crime directing them to hotlines where possible.

Illegal Bushmeat

Alongside the devastating impact to wildlife, illegal bushmeat trade threatens human health through the risk of zoonotic disease, and has been connected to the emergence of Monkeypox, Ebola, Anthrax and COVID-19. Snaring kills and injures indiscriminately, injuring and killing animals like lions, leopards, elephants, gorillas and giraffes. We also advocate for alternatives to bushmeat and leverage the influence of our ambassadors to challenge existing practices and behaviours.

Human / Wildlife Conflict

As human populations grow and agriculture expands, people and wildlife increasingly come into conflict be it predation of livestock or crop raiding. We highlight and promote the latest concepts to mitigate thai conflict and call for investment in these solutions and support organisations working in this space. 

Habitat Loss

Working with forestry commissions in key countries, we highlight the impact of deforestation and showcase alternatives to the cutting of indigenous trees. We also call for the increased protection of wild spaces and halting of encroachment through our campaigns. 

To expand our reach, we partner with a wide network of media, government, and NGO organisations. Find out who we work with and consider joining our network.
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