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Our Programs

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Airing frequently across the continent, these 30 second videos are a platform for Africa’s most influential voices. They are simple and direct, often co-branded with media, NGOs and local government agencies.

Music for Wildlife

Featuring over 120 musicians from across the continent, this half hour concert series reaches a young African demographic, introducing them to African musicians and sharing wildlife messaging.

Unsung Heroes

Celebrating local conservation leaders across Africa, and highlighting their work, this documentary series is shared across our platforms and network.

Dr. Mark’s Animal TV Show for Kids

Engaging and educating the next generation, each episode of this series focuses on a species in peril and takes a deep dive into its features, conservation status, threats, and what the audience can do to support local conservation.


Supporting with research, footage and production assistance, we collaborate with local media to help them produce quality programming.

Social Media Campaigns

Working through both Wild Africa and ambassador social media channels, we deliver engaging campaigns that promote domestic tourism, bring attention to the threats wildlife face, and leverage international wildlife days to highlight different species.

Supporting Local Projects

Working with conservation projects on the ground, we support their efforts to reduce human wildlife conflict, promote wildlife education and protect wildlife.

To expand our reach, we partner with a wide network of media, government, and NGO organisations. Find out who we work with and consider joining our network.
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