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Connecting children with wildlife is a necessity

By Dr Mark Ofua, Wildlife Veterinarian and Presenter, Dr Mark’s Animal Show Africa’s natural heritage is truly unique - and is one of our most important resources. Wild spaces support people by producing our oxygen, purifying our water, providing our

Africa’s Unsung Heroes

Our continent, with its diverse ecosystems and iconic wildlife, is home to passionate and dedicated conservationists who are making significant strides in protecting Africa's natural heritage. From tackling deforestation to finding innovative human-wildlife conflict solutions to addressing plastic waste and

Billboard campaign for wildlife reaches 50M+

Wild Africa has partnered with Alliance Media, Africa’s leader in billboard and airport advertising, to reach 12 countries across Africa - and counting - with critical conservation messages.  Africa holds a quarter of the world’s biodiversity - and some of

Dr Mark’s Animal Show Launches on Showmax

Dr Mark’s Animal Show takes a unique approach to teaching Generation Alpha about the importance of wildlife conservation.  “Dr. Mark’s Animal Show”, will be available to stream on Showmax from Friday 15 March 2024. The unique, 11-part series showcases African

Can technology transform wildlife protection in Africa?

In an increasingly fast-changing world, wildlife conservation must evolve to keep pace. While boots-on-the-ground efforts remain critical and will continue to be the cornerstone of protective measures, technology must be used to its full potential to make these efforts successful.

Nigeria Wildlife Protection Bill Passes First Reading

New bill aims to tackle wildlife trafficking, protect endangered species, and ensure Nigerian compliance with global conservation treaties. Today a new Endangered Species Conservation and Protection Bill had its first reading in Nigeria’s House of Representatives. The Bill, prepared by

Looking back on 2023: Our work in South Africa

South Africa has a third of Africa’s black rhino, and the biggest population in the world of Southern white rhino. With more than 3,000km of coastline, South Africa’s waters are rich in wildlife, hosting around 15% of the world's marine

Looking back on 2023: Our work in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is home to about 100 000 African elephants, the second biggest population in the world. It also has the fourth largest population of African black rhino and critical populations of African wild dog. The country’s 11 national parks provide

Looking back on 2023: Our work in Nigeria

Once abundant in iconic wildlife, Nigeria is now home to fewer than 50 lions, 400 elephants, and 100 Cross River gorillas. As Africa’s most populous country, conservation efforts are challenged by urban expansion, deforestation caused by the encroachment of agriculture,

Must-see National Parks this Holiday Season

Tis’ the season once again, and for South Africans this means outdoor entertaining, long school holidays – and the chance to get out into our wild backyard. If you’re looking for a getaway that’s close to home and allows you
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